The Journey from Here.

Appleton Wiske has goals. In fact, since moving here four years ago, we have purchased different types of garlic and ran trials of what grew best in our soils.

This is to insure that when we reach the tipping point, and we are close, we have lots to offer our customers who wish to plant quality garlic in their gardens. We also aim to have available a variety of culinary herbal blends. You will be able to experience the herbs we grow here and try the recipes that we use regularly here at Appleton Wiske.

I will leave you with my favorite way to eat mashed potatoes. Take a whole bulb of garlic. You can either slice off the tips of the cloves or simply peel them once done, your choice. Wrap it in tin foil. Bake it for approximately 35 minutes. Remove from oven and squeeze the delicious goodness into your potatoes. Season to taste. Spectacular! Tip: Wear gloves or let the garlic cool a bit to avoid burning your fingers.

Enjoy your day, dear reader.




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