The life of a farmista seems to always be in a state of flux.

As we peek through the straw in spring for signs of garlic tops; a spark of glee occurs when we do a mental count to compare what we had planted to what has survived the winter. Then comes the watching and waiting for telltale signs of when to harvest. So many things come into play such as weather, time and simply growth patterns.

With all of this flux, we are happy to report that all of our garlics survived the winter. The hardneck varieties of Music, Porcelain and Rocambole; along with the softneck garlic: the Silverskin.

Our seed heads are blooming beautifully, and we will have some available for sale by the end of August 2015. Due to growing our stock, there are limited quantities so send an email early should you be interested in purchasing our garlic. We use all natural practices from the ground up.

Enjoy your day. 🙂