Capturing the Gatherers.

Here are a few shots of the bees gathering pollen from our lavender patch. They are simply fascinating to watch as they build their new hives.


Dehydrating Fresh Garlic Scapes

This year we cut a percentage of our scapes to see if the process will indeed enlarge our garlic bulb sizes. (There have been mixed opinions on this practice from our readings.) However, being the adventurous sort that we are, we had to test our own waters…er garlic. This process meant we had a lot of garlic scapes to use. So, dried scape powder these will become- once they’re complete in the dehydrator that is. 🙂

To begin, wash your scapes, then…



Once dried, either bottle as is, or grind the mixture down to a powder. I’ll post more photos of the two options, and either work just fine.