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Why did you want to raise bees?
Aside from the fact that they are so darn fascinating? Then it would be safe to say that it is because they pollinate our crops, give us honey, and are an important part of the eco-system.

What have you learned in beekeeping?

That we are on their time.  Bees expect Zen behaviour around their hives, or else they give you the hairy eyeball as a warning to smarten up. So, it’s been a way for us to stop and smell the flowers – so to speak.

What do you like best about beekeeping?

Our bee suits. Joking aside, a great bee suit, like the Ultra Breeze Suits, protects you against newbie mistakes that will lead to stings. It builds your confidence, thus increases your enjoyment, while working with these fascinating creatures.

What is an interesting fact about beekeeping?

The fact that the colonies are run by the females – and these hives are a smooth running operation.

What do you think contributes to the success of a beekeeper?

Reading and experiencing everything that you can regarding bees and what’s happening in the industry.

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