Arrival of the Bees.

Our bees arrived today. They’re Italian bees…however, we’ve yet to hear the accent. ūüėČ


Here are some pictures on our Facebook page should you be interested in seeing the steps to introducing them to the new hives.

Hope you’re planting is going well.

March News

Our garlic trials have been successful. Therefore, we will have seed garlic available this summer for purchase. For those who enjoy garlic, don’t forget about the garlic scapes and flowers. They make an amazing pesto…along with a multitude of other recipes. Additional¬†news…

Our honey bees arrive this spring. We are raising the Italian variety and are very excited about their arrival. Until we receive our nucs packages, we will be busy assembling the hives which wait for us in the shop. We will be offering not only honey, but wax for those of you who wish to use it in your products.

And lastly, Appleton Wiske now has a Pinterest account. If you’re curious, jump on over and visit with us on the new site. Recipes, how to’s, and information on homesteading await your visit. Here’s the new site:


The life of a farmista seems to always be in a state of flux.

As we peek through the straw in spring for signs of garlic tops; a spark of glee occurs when we do a mental count to compare what we had planted to what has survived the winter. Then comes the watching and waiting for telltale signs of when to harvest. So many things come into play such as weather, time and simply growth patterns.

With all of this flux, we are happy to report that all of our garlics survived the winter. The hardneck varieties of Music, Porcelain and Rocambole; along with the softneck garlic: the Silverskin.

Our seed heads are blooming beautifully, and we will have some available for sale by the end of August 2015. Due to growing our stock, there are limited quantities so send an email early should you be interested in purchasing our garlic. We use all natural practices from the ground up.

Enjoy your day. ūüôā

The Journey from Here.

Appleton Wiske has goals. In fact, since moving here four years ago, we have purchased different types of garlic and ran trials of what grew best in our soils.

This is to insure that when we reach the tipping point, and we are close, we have lots to offer our customers who wish to plant quality garlic in their gardens. We also aim to have available a variety of culinary herbal blends. You will be able to experience the herbs we grow here and try the recipes that we use regularly here at Appleton Wiske.

I will leave you with my favorite way to eat mashed potatoes. Take a whole bulb of garlic. You can either slice off the tips of the cloves or simply peel them once done, your choice. Wrap it in tin foil. Bake it for approximately 35 minutes. Remove from oven and squeeze the delicious goodness into your potatoes. Season to taste. Spectacular! Tip: Wear gloves or let the garlic cool a bit to avoid burning your fingers.

Enjoy your day, dear reader.



The Journey to Appleton Wiske.

Doesn’t the name Appleton Wiske sound charming? Whether the name¬†truly is charming or not, is open to interpretation, however it does hold a special place for me. You see, it is the place of my ancestors. Many of them lived in this quaint place since¬†the early 1500s.

I combed through maps, historical documents, and old and new photographs, researching my ancestors history, to learn more about the people who have been such a fascination to me. I realized something in the process, we may not have stoned walls around the farm, yet :), but we do have that family ambition to grow our farm as they once did.  So, it was settled, Appleton Wiske we would become.

I hope that our work will honor its name.